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BREATH | High-Pressure Oxygen Concentrator

Invest in Your Personal Oxygen Supplier with the Safe and Efficient Breath High-Pressure Oxygen Concentrator for Hyperbaric Chambers

Meet Breath – the high-pressure oxygen concentrator designed to provide a constant and reliable pure oxygen source to your hyperbaric chamber. Our cutting-edge technology allows for a 90% concentration of pure oxygen, ensuring the most effective hyperbaric treatment possible.

With an impressive operating pressure of 3.5 BAR and an output of 20 LPM, Breath is capable of supplying pure oxygen to meet the demands of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As an essential accessory for hyperbaric chambers, Breath ensures that patients receive the optimal level of oxygen during therapy, improving the efficacy of the treatment and enhancing patient comfort.

With its portable design, Breath is the perfect solution for individuals seeking a hyperbaric treatment option from the comfort of their own homes. Our product is not only convenient but also cost-effective, saving you time and money compared to traditional hyperbaric chamber treatments.

Breath is a reliable, high-quality high-pressure oxygen concentrator designed specifically for hyperbaric and diving chamber use. 

With its advanced technology and superior quality, Breath is a valuable addition to any hyperbaric treatment/therapy facility or diving operation.

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Breath High-Pressure Oxygen Concentrator