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GIZA - Multi-Place Hyperbaric Chamber for Grouped Therapy Sessions

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort with Giza Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Introducing Giza, the ultimate hyperbaric chamber for wellness use. Designed to accommodate up to 4 individuals at once, Giza is the perfect solution for those seeking a shared experience in a safe and comfortable environment.

4 Persons
cylinderical shape of hyperbaric chamber
modular feature of hyperbaric chamber
3 Module
Stainless Aliminum material for hyperbaric chamber
Automatic session control
ATA Pressure Icon
1.5 or 2 ATA
KG for hyperbaric chamber
Built in breathing system (BIBS) in a hyperbaric chamber
Adjustable Pressure
Adjustable Pressure
LED Lights RGB for a hyperbaric chamber
Led Lights
Ventilation system for a hyperbaric chamber

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Explore the all benefits of the GIZA hyperbaric chamber right now!

Crafted from high-quality aluminum and shaped like a sleek modular cylinder, Giza is a true work of art. Its impressive operating pressure of 1.5 or 2.0 ATA, along with its 3 modules PCS, provides a spacious and relaxing atmosphere allowing users to reap hyperbaric therapy’s full benefits.

Giza’s adjustable pressure feature is a strong sign of an innovative wellness chamber that prevents oxygen poisoning and ensures the right oxygen flow. Oxygen regulator (BIBS) ensures pure Oxygen in and CO2 out. 

Certified with both Machinery Directive CE certification and PVHO ASME PED certification, Giza meets the highest safety and performance standards. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, improved cognitive function, or enhanced athletic performance, Giza provides a personalized and effective solution for your wellness needs.


At 850 kg, Giza is sturdy and reliable, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for all users. Its multi-place design allows for shared experiences, making it the perfect addition to any wellness center or spa.

Experience the ultimate in hyperbaric wellness with Giza.